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Bruny Island Project – FreeSpiritPods. This project was located on the north western region of Tasmania’s remote and rugged Bruny Island. Only just over an hour drive from Hobart however needing a ferry to get there – this beautiful island is the quintessential Tasmanian wilderness experience. Project Brief: Design and build a sustainable and environmentally Read More »

Two pavilion 6 e.pod with 2 extension dwelling on a sloping coastal site. This pavilion was constructed using an alternate laminated structural timber frame and site constructed frame, cladding and lining and included a lower floor masonry element.

Two pavilion e.pod small house on a rock strewn cliff face site heavily treed with mature Angophoras that have all been retained and the building worked around the existing site features.  The footings are directly on the natural rocks. Extensive screened louvred glazing and natural stack ventilation strategies.          

First two e.pod cabins with ensuite extension for a beachfront resort on an island close to the main island of Vanuatu. The transport of all parts and fit out in sea containers from Sydney to the local port with all parts ferried to the remote island site by local canoe. An Ecoshelta supervisor trained and Read More »

The first of our e.pod projects to use the new composite panel systems for floors, walls and roof elements. The remote rural site in the upper Hawkesbury, 4WD access and steep approach required shipment in smaller hardened vehicles. This cabin was designed as a single E.pod cabin with ensuite and bed side extensions, and large Read More »

Two e.pods with ensuite side extension accommodation cabins for a boutique ecotourism venture in southern Tasmania. This project had a limited site build time and required close coordination.  Disabled access was also integrated into the project. Rainwater harvesting, sullage dispersal and Clivus Multrum composting WC systems were used.

This project consisted of two E.pods and two extensions as a granny flat on a rural property, specified to meet the NSW SEPP Housing Codes. No Council approval was required. The external finish was Colourbond with miniorb linings for the bathroom and kitchen and incorporated a large timber decking area. This building has since been Read More »

This site was an existing derelict masonry building which was stabilised using a new customised Ecoshelta alloy framing system with a new 4 pod upper floor with surrounding terrace.  The design included a cellar and courtyard with small pool. This project used an experimental phase change saline pod with thermal performance nodules in thick limestone Read More »

This impressive three pavilion 8 e.pod frame house surrounds a central sheltered courtyard in a beautiful but extremely exposed site in the Bass Straight islands. The hybrid structure used a site poured slab base and locally sourced timber cladding system and cyclone rated frame system.  

Four pod and ensuite extension accommodation building for a large remote station in the Kimberly, Western Australia. This accommodation was designed for scientist accommodation to monitor the carbon storage in a reforestation project. A single 40’ sea container included the pods and all the fitout elements and hauled up the 540km driveway. Remote area power Read More »

This project had a single t.pod on a six acre ocean frontage private residential compound estate in Hong Kong and had a high level of detail and finish. It is situated in a manicured lawn and garden setting with views out over the South China Sea. The pod was prefabricated and shipped from Sydney by Read More »

West End Beach House consists of five t.pods on an exposed ocean front site in Bass Straight and has separated single pod pavilions arranged along the contour in a curved plan and joined by a curved timber hallway. This project was prefabricated in Sydney some 15 years ago, flat packed with fitouts and shipped to Read More »

An early Japanese joined timber framed system, prefabricated in the workshop and assembled on site. The masonry base and spine wall were site constructed from local field stones for thermal mass and weathering protection. The floors were raised with openable hatches for sub floor storage and a mezzanine was included as a sleeping loft. The Read More »

This project consisted of a series of Ecoshelta E.pod pavilions arranged down a sloping coastal suburban site around a series of courtyards. There are AAC masonry bases for the two storied elements and a high vaulted roof system to allow for mezzanine platforms. The double skinned roof allowed for Venturi ventilation effects and the sliding Read More »

A rebuild after the devastating Canberra bushfires this project used a hybrid Ecoshelta AAC panel system with fourteen pods around five courtyards and a central bushfire resistant masonry core, with master bedroom suite.  The internal walls are rammed earth in the core and have a heat recycling system. Integrating the AAC masonry systems with the Read More »

For an existing terrace dwelling, this project consisted of a single hybrid t.pod as an upper floor bath house. This build used a vaulted roof frame and had extensive white glass louvre windows with a sneak view of the city skyline.  

This multiple pavilion comprised 10 pods in a mirror curved shape layout around a central pool courtyard down a sloping rural site. In the highlights are mezzanine floors and throughout the house curved connecting hallways. This project has extensive northern glazing and toughened southern face towards Antarctica. The curved walls meet the curved roofs. The Read More »

This site had very limited access with a single day to get the fully loaded containers in and then another day to get them out at the end of the project. Flame zone to the bush side required tough outer skin and a controlled interior courtyard allowed a softer internal finish of oiled timbers.

A large scale industrial commercial building in three wings, high open naturally vented winery, earth bermed cold dark cellar, and a commercial cellar door sales area – using a modified Ecoshelta alloy frame system for the front wings and combined with precast concrete frame and vault cellar with rammed earth walls. The main winery has Read More »

A large scale industrial commercial building in three wings, high open naturally vented winery, earth bermed cold dark cellar, and a commercial cellar door sales area – using a modified Ecoshelta alloy frame system for the front wings and combined with precast concrete frame and vault cellar with rammed earth walls. The main winery had Read More »