ECOSHELTA has long been part of the sustainable building revolution and makes high quality architect designed, environmentally minimal impact, prefabricated, modular buildings, using latest technologies. Our state of the art building system has been used for cabins, houses, studios, eco-tourism accommodation and villages. We make beautiful spaces, the applications are endless, the potential exciting.


The system has been designed and engineered to meet all Building Code of Australia requirements and relevant Australian Standards, which makes it suitable for national and international projects. The system can be used across the continent from the alpine south to the cyclones of the tropical north, with appropriate selection of options.

Ecoshelta e.pods and t.pods are high quality, high tech, sustainable, architect designed, prefabricated, modular dwelling systems. They are extendable, relocatable, robust and long-lived. They have been designed and developed over twenty five years, these are state-of-the-art, practical and environmentally sound buildings.

Made from space-age alloy, our tough pods and e.pods can be easily transported and erected anywhere, in as little as a day, for an oceanfront retreat, eco-tourism accommodation, studio or any number can be adjoined in limitless designs to make delightful, luxurious homes. Cutting edge details, materials, finishes and fabrication systems are carefully selected for minimal environmental impact. The Ecoshelta system uses an independent structural alloy frame and integrated modular interchangeable infill panel system. This system allows for a high degree of flexibility in floor plan and functionality of the buildings. There are no fixed patterns of wall and door elements as these are fully interchangeable and can be easily modified and altered at any stage. Full width sliding or bi-folding door tracks are integrated into the portal frames.

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Basic Cabin

The single e.pod cabin is a rapid deployment simple building and we can have one on a site in a matter of days. With a 4.8 x 4.8m (23 sqm) floor area, this pod is tough, resilient and fast sheltering in remote and difficult sites.

The t.pod version of our system is designed for extreme locations and is 3.6m x 3.6m (12.5 sqm) in floor area and can resist the most sever weather exposure - to cyclone category 5, earthquakes and coastal exposure.


Ecoshelta ACT Exhibition, Hong Kong Pavilion

Download Layouts

Single t.pod self contained cabin plan.pdf
t.pod - Layout.pdf

Small Pod

Ecoshelta's latest design option is the Small Pod, based on a 3.6m x 3.6m base pod with 1.2m side extensions for kitchen and bathroom and a verandah deck wrapping around, and a total internal area of 20 square metres. The design shown retails for between 70k-100k, but - like all Ecoshelta designs - the small pod system is customisable to the specific site and needs of the client.

Download Layouts

Small Pod Demo Presentation.pdf


The single e.pod studio cabin with ensuite side extension can be used for a backyard urban studio, a home office, remote area cabins and ecotourism accommodation. This model is around 4.8m x 4.8m (23 sqm) + extension 1.1m x 4.8m (5sqm) in floor area.


Hobart Hideaway Pods, Two Canoes Aore Island, Vanuatu

Download Layouts

Studio Cabins - 1 e.pod ensuite with Monopitch Roof 2016.pdf

Granny Flat

The two E.pod with two side extension cabin is suitable for remote area cabins and ecotoursim family accommodation. More pods or side extensions can be added for extra sleeping spaces as required. This model is about 9.6m x 6m (58sqm) including bedroom, living area and extensions for bathroom and kitchenette.


Bellingen, Flinders Island

Download Layouts

Granny Flat - 2 e.pod Cabin (Curved Roof - 2016).pdf

2 Bedroom House

The three e.pod with two side extension house can incorporate a two bedroom house with bathroom and combined living-dining. The layout of the pods can be made in any configuration and adjoined or connected internally by a walkway. More pods or side extensions can be removed or added as required. Each e.pod is about 23 square metres and each side extension is about 6 square metres.



Download Layouts

3 curved roof e.pods with 2 ensuites and kitchen.pdf
3 pitched roof e.pods with 2 ensuites and kitchen.pdf

3+ Bedroom Houses

The four, five or six+ e.pod and side extension house can incorporate any number of bedrooms, bathrooms, combined/separate living-dining and lounge room. The layout of the pods can be arranged in any configuration dependent on site restrictions. The pods can be either adjoined, connected internally by a walkway or be arranged as separate units.

We also design two storey houses and add mezzanines as well.


Umina Beach House - Central Coast, West End Beach House, Kimberley Station

Download Layouts

6 e.pod - 2 Bedroom Linear Pavilion House - layout.pdf
6 Pod - 2 Bedroom Right Angle House - layout.pdf

House Boat

Solar panel array
Wind generator
Solar hot water
Natural ventilation, No A/C

Electric pontoon housed propeller propulsion in each pontoon with vectoring ducted output
Single centre outboard backup

Fuel tanks and FW, GW in pontoons
Small generator under console on flybridge to charge batteries

Integration of Pods:
Use standard footings as attachment points to cross structure
Sink underfloor cavity into cross structure to give a 200mm step up into superstructure
Potential to have "plug and play" pods with standard Pontoon
Could produce pontoon and still offer rest as kit form.

Lowerable swim platform
Could potentially have full length flybridge with roof
Glass floorsections.

Design partners – Maritime

Kedge Marine Surveyors
3/147 Sandy Bay Road
Sandy Bay TAS

Electric motor system - Battery powered with large solar array on roof to Li ion sealed element cartridge style swap in swap out battery storage system. Back up Diesel generator and possible hydrogen
Wet Flush WC head with water recycling evaporator and computer controlled Composting / Worm Farm on board -
Integrated modular bathroom units - as side extensions capable of plug in and unplugging, swap in swap out?
Rainwater roof catchment and onboard tank storage balanced with hydraulic cross pumping for equaliser/stabilisers between pontoons for ease of trim self controlled / automated hydraulic ballasting system with constant monitoring.
Potable water Filter in line ( osmotic ceramic ) and electronic pressure pump.
Inline heater electric hot water solar PV panel and pulse flow battery driven. 32 x 440W panels.
ipad app remote steering and integrated GPS navigation and preset for Fly by Wire Artificial Intelligence navigation interface.
Pontoon system should be modular and multi purpose capable of other utility functions with or without the ecoshelta accommodation. Site offices, recreational pontoons, minimal noise impact & low/no wash research platforms.
No wash hull design with anti turbulence vectoring propulsion system. Fairings, splash fairings, extended leading surface breaking fins. Trailing turbulence alignment fins. Inland water self propulsion low speed only required - 4 knots average.